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Cummins TWI Journey

Trainers, Dana Sims and Amanda Couch, discuss their real-life, ups and downs, good and bad, journey using TWI within an already established manufacturer.

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  1. Job Instruction and Brain Science with Roger Bilas 23:41
  2. Job Methods - A Path to Engage in Daily Frontline Improvement 51:36
  3. Woodbridge and the Global Journey on TWI - JI 53:38
  4. How Kata is Being Used to Deploy TWI at Baptist Memorial Healthcare 23:24
  5. Lean - Developing People Who Can and Will Solve Problems Daily 17:55
  6. Cummins TWI Journey 56:15
  7. How To Instruct - Using TWI JI 39:07
  8. Communicating the Value of TWI to CEO's and the HR Team 26:28