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Optimization DOEs in SigmaXL

Learn exactly how to conduct a CCD DOE including how to create contour and 3D surface plots using SigmaXL. You'll also learn how to setup and use the MS Excel Solver in order to optimize your response. This little used, or known about, Excel tool is extremely powerful!

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  1. Introduction to DOE 9:00
  2. Full Factorial DOE - Part 1 6:12
  3. Full Factorial DOE - Part 2 8:44
  4. Full Factorial DOE - Part 3 8:04
  5. Conducting Full Factorial DOEs in Minitab 10:41
  6. Conducting Full Factorial DOEs in SigmaXL 10:08
  7. Fractional DOEs 13:17
  8. Fractional DOEs in Minitab 7:02
  9. Fractional DOEs in SigmaXL 8:07
  10. Optimization DOEs - Part 1 7:07
  11. Optimization DOEs - Part 2 10:08
  12. Optimization DOEs in Minitab 11:41
  13. Optimization DOEs in SigmaXL 13:53

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