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Processing, with Jeff Kaas

Jeff Kaas, President of Kaas Tailored, illustrates the waste of processing using meetings and interpersonal communication as examples.

  • 0:10 What processing means
  • 4:05 Human communication
  • 6:00 Standard work


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  1. Introduction to the Seven Wastes, with Jeff Kaas 03:34
  2. Defects, with Jeff Kaas 04:42
  3. Inventory, with Jeff Kaas 07:29
  4. Processing, with Jeff Kaas 07:09
  5. Waiting, with Jeff Kaas 00:52
  6. Motion, with Jeff Kaas 04:26
  7. Transportation, with Jeff Kaas 01:35
  8. Overproduction, with Jeff Kaas 11:33
  9. Learning the Seven Wastes with Jeff Kaas (Full Presentation) 39:56

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