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Defining Value in Healthcare

Mark Graban describes what it means to provide more "value" in a healthcare context.

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  1. The Eight Types of Waste in Healthcare: Introduction 02:11
  2. The Purpose of Lean in Healthcare 08:29
  3. What Do We Mean by “The 8 Wastes" in Healthcare? 04:14
  4. Defining Value in Healthcare 03:28
  5. The Wastes of Motion, Waiting, and Human Potential in a Surgical Suite 04:34
  6. Patient Harm as a System Defect 06:50
  7. The Wastes of Inventory, Transportation, and Overproduction in Healthcare 04:58
  8. Meaningful 5S in a Children’s Hospital Radiology and MRI Suite 05:39
  9. The Aim of Healthcare as a System 02:58
  10. Audience Q&A - How Do You Start a Lean Transformation? 01:29
  11. Audience Q&A- How Will Lean Methods Impact HCAHPS Scores? 00:56
  12. Audience Q&A - What is the Appropriate Number of Inventory Turns for a Hospital Store Room? 01:31
  13. Audience Q&A - How Can Lean Improve Discharge Planning in a Hospital? 02:00
  14. Mark Graban - Stories of the Eight Types of Waste in Healthcare 01:00:14

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