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Inventory Management

By the end of this module you'll understand the problems of using a traditional, standard cost approach to inventory valuation including the impact overproduction can have when traditional cost accounting is performed.

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  1. Introduction to Lean Accounting 8:14
  2. Accounting Basics 7:17
  3. Value Stream Costing - Part 1 8:53
  4. Value Stream Costing - Part 2 8:30
  5. Inventory Management 11:15
  6. Lean Inventory Valuation 10:24
  7. Capacity Management 8:56
  8. Product Costs and Decisions 8:52
  9. Target Costing 7:19
  10. Performance Measures 6:38
  11. One Day Close 8:44
  12. Lean Accounting Resources 3:21

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