Kaas Tailored Courses Now Available

Kaas Tailored, a high-mix, low-volume upholstery manufacturer has also been on a lean journey since 1998. In addition to their factory business, they are also open for tours, boot camps and field days. Gemba Academy was fortunate to be invited to bring our cameras along for a tour day and share what we saw with our customers.

We learned so much from our time at Kaas Tailored that we were able to produce four distinct courses from the material.

Kaas tailored new videos

Kaas Tailored Virtual Tour

The virtual tour has us following along in the Kaas Tailored factory to see how they deal with the 7 wastes, design work cells, use visualization, implement standard work, use kanban, plus much more.

Watch the Kaas Tailored Virtual Tour

The Seven Wastes with Jeff Kaas

How does Kaas Tailored tackle the seven wastes? President Jeff Kaas talks a tour group through each of the wastes, and engages with them on how they too can implement real change after identifying these wastes.

Watch The Seven Wastes, with Jeff Kaas

Flow Simulation

What is the better solution for moving product through the value stream, flow or batch? This simulation will demonstrate the distinct advantage flow has on production speed and error reduction. After watching this series, you are encouraged to engage your team in your own flow simulations utilizing the techniques demonstrated in this video series.

Watch the Flow Simulation

Q&A with Jeff Kaas

A tour group asks Jeff Kaas, President of Kaas Tailored, a variety of questions in relation to their lean implementation. There is a lot of information covered in this session, everything from team member buy-in, mentoring, and the difficulty of setting up a kaizen system are discussed.

Watch the Q&A with Jeff Kaas

To learn more about Kaas Tailored and their offerings, please visit them at kaastailored.com