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Choosing by Advantages - Hal Macomber

Choosing By Advantages has been called "standard work for decision-making on lean projects." Participants will learn the fundamental rule for making decisions along with the three supporting principles and the five step CBA process.

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  1. Choosing by Advantages - Hal Macomber 44:30
  2. Taking the Risk out of High-Risk Endeavors - Digby Christian 34:18
  3. Using Systems Thinking to (re) Create Education - Trace Pickering 43:05
  4. Using Kata to Address Wicked Problems in Safety - Will Lichtig 37:04
  5. Reinterpreting Lean to Reduce Conflicts - Gregory Howell 37:40
  6. Decision Making Across Time and Space: Lessons from NASA - Kathleen Mosier 1:09:34