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How Seating Matters started their Lean Journey

Implementing Lean is a difficult task. Its principles need to not only be understood, but rather fully engrained in everyone and everything the company does and produces. Ryan explains some of his own struggles, as he introduced Lean to Seating Matters.

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  1. Lean is Boundless. Our Journey To Northern Ireland. 01:21
  2. Seating Matters Company Overview 06:50
  3. Seating Matters Process Overview 05:23
  4. Why Lean? 03:46
  5. How Seating Matters started their Lean Journey 05:42
  6. Welcome to Seating Matters' Paradise 04:23
  7. One Piece Flow Order Processing 05:23
  8. Ordering Processing "Before Lean" 03:25
  9. 360 Degree One Piece Flow Processing 06:52
  10. Lean Cutting Process 04:31
  11. Cutting Process Value Added vs. Non Value Added 01:14
  12. Lean Upholstery: Watching vs. Seeing 06:09
  13. Introduction to Laser Cutting 03:15
  14. Lean Capital Expenditure & Quality First 02:07
  15. Order Release & Bottleneck Management 02:00
  16. Laser Printing Visual Management 02:24
  17. Future State One Piece Flow Goals 02:47
  18. Lean Sales 07:58
  19. Practicing 3S 03:13
  20. One Piece Flow Tea 05:12