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TWI - Training Within Industry

Job Instruction (JI) For Facilitators

Job Instruc­tion (JI) is a fun­da­men­tal ele­ment of Lean and the first TWI course. Its pur­pose is to get peo­ple ful­ly trained and adding val­ue to the orga­ni­za­tion in the short­est peri­od of time pos­si­ble while pre­vent­ing prob­lems that could arise from faulty instruc­tion. JI estab­lish­es a sin­gle best method for doing a job and allows a train­er to trans­fer knowl­edge to a learn­er quick­ly while also ver­i­fy­ing com­pre­hen­sion using a sim­ple four-step method. The Facil­i­ta­tor” ver­sion of this JI course can be used to pre­pare for your own 5‑day, in per­son, JI course. You will be able to see a live, 5‑day JI course, unfold before your eyes as Ron Pereira and Roger Bilas lead 10 stu­dents through the entire 10 hour course. You’ll see the stu­dents learn and grow through­out the week while also see­ing how Roger and Ron help the stu­dents work through the process. Once you’ve com­plet­ed this facil­i­ta­tor’s course you can then use the Learn­ers” ver­sion of this course to con­duct your own 5‑day JI course.