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Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)

The ability to error or mistake proof a product or process is an extremely important part of the Improve and Control Phases within the DMAIC roadmap. It's also important anytime errors or mistakes are identified, even outside of project work. In this module you'll learn what Poka Yoke is as well as how to leverage it as we continuously strive towards zero defects.

Skill Level


  1. School of Lean
  2. PPS Overview 10:47
  3. Step 1: Clarify the Problem 9:49
  4. 5S Overview 12:01
  5. Calculating Takt Time 4:52
  6. Transactional or Office Value Stream Mapping 16:13
  7. Practical A3 Tips and Advice 5:11
  8. School of Six Sigma
  9. Lean vs. Six Sigma 5:48
  10. Creating SIPOC Diagrams 6:06
  11. Descriptive Statistics 7:10
  12. 1-Sample t-Test 6:30
  13. Two-Way ANOVA (GLM) in Minitab 18 08:21
  14. Optimization DOEs - Part 1 7:07
  15. Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing) 13:33
  16. Training within Industry (TWI)
  17. Day 1: Faulty Instruction 08:33
  18. Day 2: Job Breakdown Sheet 05:32
  19. Gemba Academy Live!
  20. Welcome to FastCap! 6:19
  21. The Lean Bathroom 7:39
  22. Babies and Dogs 6:10
  23. Setup Reduction in Action 3:50
  24. The Lean Desk 2:52
  25. Lear Factory 1 4:20
  26. Discovering the Reality of Lean Leadership 13:33
  27. DEEP Digs Into Underground Storage 11:37