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Meet Me at "The Club"

Ron?s final stop takes him to the ?Legends Club? which is a great place to study, meet, or simply hang out. While hanging out, Ron finds Patrick Bolwahnn, Campus Wide ID Card Administrator, WTAMU and another of Bryan Glenn?s LSS graduates. Ron learns of another process improvement involving their payment system that ended up saving material and time, which in turn makes for better student life.

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  1. Ron Gets a "Walk On" 1:29
  2. Bryan Glenn - Director of Purchasing & Inventory Services 9:51
  3. J. Patrick O'Brien - President 17:11
  4. Getting Donor Money Faster 14:29
  5. Keeping Your Place in Line 9:14
  6. Making Money Faster 13:01
  7. Meet Me at "The Club" 8:11