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Signs of Lean at the Lighthouse

In this moving interview, Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira asks Setup Specialist Chris Loomis what it’s like to work at The Lighthouse for the Blind. Chris, who is DeafBlind and uses interpreters and Pro-Tactile ASL to communicate, also showed us some of the tools that enable him to do his job.

  • 0:21 - How Chris communicates
  • 3:08 - What brought Chris to the Lighthouse
  • 4:44 - The work Chris has done at the Lighthouse
  • 8:21 - How his previous experience has helped him
  • 9:16 - The role of calipers, shadow boards, and workstation standardization
  • 12:04 - What it’s like for him to give tours

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  1. Welcome to The Lighthouse for the Blind 07:20
  2. Accessibility Sensibility 04:03
  3. Gemba at the Lighthouse 08:01
  4. Andon at the Lighthouse 03:35
  5. Black Belt Project at the Lighthouse 07:23
  6. Lean Transformation at the Lighthouse 04:44
  7. Signs of Lean at the Lighthouse 14:35