Lean Six Sigma Certification FAQ

The following article answers the most frequently asked questions about our Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Certifications.

Do I need to complete my Green Belt before I apply for a Black Belt?

There's no requirement to earn a Green Belt Certificate before starting the Black Belt program. Candidates in the Green Belt program are welcome to upgrade to the Black Belt program at any time.

How long is the course?

The Yellow Belt is a 12-week program. Most Green Belt candidates finish within 6-8 months. Black Belt candidates typically finish in 8-10 months.

How many hours are involved with the belt certification programs?

  • Yellow Belt is comprised of 18.5 hours of instruction and practical application.
  • Green Belt includes the Yellow Belt certification and an additional 29 hours of coursework totaling 47.5 hours. The Green Belt coursework includes a DMAIC project simulation and a Green Belt exam.
  • Black Belt coursework totals 55 hours. It includes everything in the Green Belt and an additional 7.5 hours of coursework.

Keep in mind that a real-world DMAIC project is required to complete the Green Belt program. The time needed to complete the project is not included in the coursework.

Are you accredited by ASQ, a University, or any other accrediting body?

No, by design, we are not. We know, from real-world experience, what Lean & Six Sigma practitioners need to solve real-world (not textbook) problems and have designed the School of Six Sigma accordingly. Put another way, we are only interested in developing Lean & Six Sigma practitioners who can solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Do I need any statistical analysis software?

No, statistical analysis software isn't required, but it is highly recommended.

Do the certifications include Lean?

Yes, there are 5 basic lean courses included as part of the certification coursework; however, Gemba Academy also offers a Lean Practitioner Certification as well.

Is coaching included with the certification?

Yes, one-on-one coaching is included with the Green Belt and Black Belt programs. Coaching isn't part of the Yellow Belt program.

I don't work for a company, so can I still complete a project? Does the project need to relate to a company or can it be independent?

The project can be independent of an employer as we have many students going through our program. But it does have to be a "real" scenario. Your coach will help guide you with project selection.

What are the requirements for the DMAIC project?

  1. It must address a real-world problem (not an implementation project)
  2. The solution to the problem must be unknown
  3. Real data (not simulated or hypothesized) must be used

Are there discounts offered?

Contact us to discuss your unique situation.

How much does the exam cost?

The Gemba Academy certification program includes the price of the exam. The exam may be retaken at no additional cost within one year of purchase.

What is the best way to prepare for the qualifying exam(s)?

Simply complete all of the coursework (including quizzes), and participate in the coaching sessions. That's it. You will be ready for the exam.

Do I need to take the exam on-site?

No. The exam is open-book and is taken online.

Will Gemba Academy’s certifications will be recognized in my industry?

Gemba Academy’s videos and learning resources were developed by expert Lean Six Sigma practitioners. We have many years Lean Six Sigma industry experience, and we are known to have a practitioner-focused approach to our training. Lean Six Sigma is not certified by a single governing body; however, our certifications will be recognized in most, if not all, industries. Having helped over 1,000 companies, many industries and companies are familiar with Gemba Academy.

Can I get CEU credits?

CEU credits are not being offered at this time.

Can I transfer my Belt Certification to another person?

Our policy does not allow for a belt certification program seat to be transferred to another candidate once the training begins.

Why do I need an internal champion or sponsor?

Internal champions or sponsors plan an active role in aiding the certification candidate through the certification process. They participate in tollgate reviews and other milestone meetings with the candidate and Gemba Academy coach.