LMS Integration Information

Gemba Academy content can be integrated into virtually any learning management system (LMS). We have successfully integrated with systems such as SkillSoft/SkillPort, Cornerstone, Moodle, as well as proprietary systems. Ask your sales representative how you can add LMS integration to your subscription.

There are four components to our content:

1. Videos

  • Video content must remain on our servers, and be linked to by the LMS system. We do this both to protect our intellectual property and because we are always adding new content and improving existing content.
  • Our videos are hosted on a global content distribution network (CDN) specifically selected for reliability, security, and the ability to deliver high bandwidth video worldwide.
  • Each individual video is provisioned as an otherwise blank html web page, with our player embedded. No player software is necessary on the client side, and no personally identifiable information is transmitted back to us, therefore there are no security issues.
  • The individual video html links can then be integrated into an LMS as an iframe, click to open, or other methods.
  • There is no intermediate password required, thereby creating a seamless user experience. We use other passive security technologies, such as IP monitoring, to monitor access.
  • We will provide a spreadsheet with all of the video URLs, including course name and video name, as well as video duration.
  • LMS customers are also encouraged to sign up for our newsletter to keep up on all of our new video announcements. When an announcement is made, the Excel file will be updated so you can download the new version in order to distribute the new video content.

2. Quizzes

  • Quizzes can be downloaded onto customer servers.
  • Quizzes can be provided as either SCORM v1.2, SCORM 2004, or PDF formats.
  • Provided SCORM, and Captivate files can be customized for your application.
  • Since a better assessment of "learning" is a knowledge check, not whether a video was watched, we recommend tracking quiz completion if a knowledge assessment is desired.

3. Supporting resources

  • Supporting resources can be downloaded onto customer servers, and include Excel templates, PDF overviews, Minitab files, etc.

4. Test Links and Files

Here are samples of each component for you to test with your LMS system:

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