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In the Principal's Office

Is doesn?t take long for Ron to get called into Principal Sheila Williams? office. While he?s there, they discuss her first views of the program. She goes on to talk about the student?s leadership and differences between a comprehensive and technical program in high schools.

Skill Level


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  1. Introducing Platt Tech 1:18
  2. David Tuttle 6:38
  3. In the Principal's Office 7:04
  4. Student Problem Solving 6:23
  5. John Murphy 3:45
  6. Raul Robles 7:03
  7. Rmani Griffin 3:25
  8. Crystin Engram 2:49
  9. Jose Dominguez 3:54
  10. Touring the Shop 2:07
  11. Organizational Skills 2:13
  12. CNC Room 3:34
  13. From Blueprint to Reality 3:40
  14. Paul Hoffman, Orange Research 4:13