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D.L. Martin Kaizen Event Summary

Hear a detailed explanation of how D.L. Martin Co. executed an actual 5S and Layout kaizen event. During this module you'll see how they train their employees, how they 5S an area, and how they actually piloted a one piece flow simulation in preparation for a follow-up kaizen event. Finally, during this video you'll hear (and see) how they prepare and execute the kaizen event report out for senior management.

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  1. Kaizen Overview 9:54
  2. The Kaizen Event 11:17
  3. Kaizen Success Story 9:34
  4. Real Life Kaizen 14:02
  5. System vs. Point Kaizen 2:37
  6. Kaizen Event Roles 4:09
  7. Preparing for the Kaizen Event 7:38
  8. The Kaizen Event Week 6:34
  9. Post Kaizen Event Activities 3:25
  10. Simple Kaizen Part 1 9:30
  11. Simple Kaizen Part 2 9:24
  12. The Kaizen Coach 5:17
  13. D.L. Martin Kaizen Event Summary 14:43
  14. Kaizen Way Action Guide 2:09

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