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How to Draw a Spaghetti Diagram

In this supplemental module Ron explains what a spaghetti diagram is as well as the specific steps for drawing your own spaghetti diagram with pencil and paper.

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  1. Seven Wastes Overview 11:55
  2. Stand in the Circle 05:00
  3. Waste of Defects 8:01
  4. Waste of Inventory 08:12
  5. Waste of Processing 08:23
  6. Waste of Waiting 05:39
  7. Waste of Motion 06:45
  8. Waste of Transportation 08:17
  9. How to Draw a Spaghetti Diagram 06:51
  10. Waste of Overproduction 06:57
  11. The 8th Waste 03:55
  12. Seven Deadly Wastes Action Guide 03:11

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