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How to Overcome Resistance to Lean Accounting

It’s human nature to resist change. Gemba Academy Co-Founder Kevin Meyer asks Executive Chair of Lean Enterprises Institute Jean Cunningham how to deal with negative reactions to the implementation of lean accounting.

  • 0:03 - Getting leadership on board
  • 3:07 - The results Jean has seen
  • 4:29 - The effect on forecasting

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  1. Lean Accounting Introduction 7:30
  2. The Effect of Lean Accounting on Owners, Auditors, and Executives 7:52
  3. The Difference Between Traditional and Lean Accounting 5:20
  4. When and How to Implement Lean Accounting 4:37
  5. How to Overcome Resistance to Lean Accounting 7:12
  6. Extending Lean into HR and IT 3:53
  7. Supplemental: Lean Education Advancement Foundation 2:23

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