Learning System

The Gemba Academy Learning System is designed for organizations that wish to track individual learning progress through their lean and six sigma training. The Learning System includes all of the content in the School of Lean, School of Six Sigma, and Gemba Academy Live! 

A $4995 annual subscription gives a single site unlimited access, with no per-person, per-seat, or usage fees.

Learning System Benefits:

  • Measure Progress 
    See all resources on one screen, with clear indications of individual progress.  Built-in reporting features allows for tracking your learning metrics
  • Learning Paths 
    Customize just the right courses, for just the right people
  • Collaborative Learning
    Don't go it alone. Learn alongside your team members with community forums
  • Simple Licensing
    Add, remove, and upload users with easy manager tools. No licensing fees! 
  • Organize Everything
    Organize users, sites, communities, and learning paths with user groups.
  • Notifications
    Notify your users of upcoming events and learning priorities.

Spend less time administering training and more time developing people and improving processes!


Ask us how the Learning System can support your Lean and Six Sigma training requirements.

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