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Gemba Academy attends many industry conferences throughout the year. We hope to see you there!

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October 17-20, 2022

AME | Dallas, Texas

Reconnect with old friends and expand your network with people who share your passion for continuous improvement and will help you find the answers to the disruptive challenges your organization faces.

Use code GEMBA15 for a 15% discount when you register for the AME 2022 Dallas Conference! We hope to see you there.

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Feb. 26-28, 2023

ASQ | Phoenix, Arizona

Lean and Six Sigma tools are increasingly employed by organizations seeking to achieve—and sustain—continuous improvement throughout the enterprise. At the 2023 Lean and Six Sigma Conference, attendees will learn how to apply lean and Six Sigma tools to solve current and emerging challenges including a changing organizational culture, supply chain instability, environmental issues, data integration, and technology adoption in order to drive beyond process-level improvements and realize sustained organizational results.

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07-10, 2023

ASQ | Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Building on its legacy of innovation and improvement, the quality community is well-positioned to reinforce the essentials—total quality management, continuous improvement, ISO standards, data integration—and embrace emerging, universal concepts including culture, diversity and ESG (environmental, social, and governance). At WCQI 2023, attendees will learn how quality processes and methodologies bolster their organizations’ response to risks like supply chain, economic pressures, and global volatility, and help spark a culture of excellence and a sustainable, strong foundation for success.

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