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Minitab 17 Overview

Ron Pereira offers an overview of Minitab 17 including how to navigate through the different menus and how to best leverage Minitab's amazing Help and Minitab Assistant tools.

This video refers to an older version of Minitab. An updated video is available.

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  1. Introduction to Statistics4:45
  2. Data Types4:24
  3. SigmaXL Overview9:06
  4. Minitab 19 Overview13:12
  5. Entering Data into Minitab 1902:17
  6. Minitab 18 Overview10:06
  7. Entering Data into Minitab 1803:58
  8. Minitab 17 Overview16:34
  9. Entering Data into Minitab 174:30

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