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Optimization DOEs - Part 2

In this video you'll learn how to conduct and interpret a CCD DOE including how to create and interpret Contour and Surface plots. You'll also learn how to leverage the powerful Response Optimizer inside Minitab once you've developed a strong model.

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  1. Introduction to DOE9:00
  2. Full Factorial DOE - Part 16:12
  3. Full Factorial DOE - Part 28:44
  4. Full Factorial DOE - Part 38:04
  5. Conducting Full Factorial DOEs in Minitab 1909:52
  6. Conducting Full Factorial DOEs in Minitab 1815:03
  7. Conducting Full Factorial DOEs in SigmaXL10:08
  8. Fractional DOEs13:17
  9. Fractional DOEs In Minitab 1907:26
  10. Fractional DOEs in Minitab 1812:24
  11. Fractional DOEs in SigmaXL8:07
  12. Optimization DOEs - Part 17:07
  13. Optimization DOEs - Part 210:08
  14. Optimization DOEs In Minitab 1911:38
  15. Optimization DOEs in Minitab 1818:10
  16. Optimization DOEs in SigmaXL13:53

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