School of Six Sigma

  1. Introduction to Six Sigma

    4 videos

    In this section we're introduced to both lean and six sigma while also learning how they can be used together in harmony.

  2. Project Selection

    8 videos

    Now that we've covered some important foundational work it's time to learn how to identify a good project. This step is extremely important since a poorly scoped project has little hope of success. So, grab your favorite beverage and let's get started!

  3. Process Mapping & Selected Tools

    5 videos

    The ability to understand how material and processes flow, while also identifying the "inputs" or "Xs" to a process, is at the heart of the DMAIC methodology. So, in this section we'll learn about different types of process maps while also learning how to take the information learned from process mapping into additional tools like the C&E Matrix and FMEA in order to narrow the lists of inputs down to the "critical few." To be sure, many problems can solved during this phase of a project so it's really time to dig in!

  4. Introduction to Statistics

    9 videos

    OK, now that we have a better understanding of our processes... it's time to learn how to truly understand the data we're presented with. So, in the next 5 videos we're going to introduce you to Minitab as well as introduce you to what this thing called "Statistics" is all about.

  5. Descriptive Statistics

    4 videos

    Have you ever wondered why realtors rarely ever speak about the "average" home price... instead they typically refer to the median home price? If so, you're in luck since we're about to explain the different types of descriptive statistics.

  6. Graphs

    19 videos

    The ability to graph data is supremely important.  But with so many graphs to choose from how do we choose the correct one? This series of videos answers that question for you!

  7. Inferential Statistics

    50 videos

    Having a solid understanding of the scientific method and how to study a small sample of data in order to make decisions about an entire population is what usually separates excellent Continuous Improvement Practitioners from average ones. In the next series of videos we really dig into topics such as hypothesis testing and normality. Finally, you will never need to use ALL of these tools in a single project... but it's still important you understand the tool allowing you to use it when the time is right.

  8. Statistical Process Control

    19 videos

    SPC, or Statistical Process Control, is another foundational tool for all Continuous Improvement Practitioners. In this series of videos we'll learn all about SPC as well as the many different types of Control Charts at our disposal.

  9. Process Capability

    12 videos

    Have you ever wondered what "Six Sigma" really means from a statistical perspective? If so, you're about to learn. Additionally, you're also going to learn the key relationship between the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of Process as well as how to measure this relationship with Process Capability Analysis.

  10. ANOVA

    9 videos

    ANOVA, which stands for Analysis of Variance, is a fundamental statistical concept that is used in things such as Measurement Systems Analysis, Regression, and DOE. In this section we'll learn what ANOVA is as well as how we can leverage it in order to run experiments.

  11. Regression

    12 videos

    When applicable, being able to determine how "correlated" variables are can be extremely enlightening as it can allow us to build predictive models. But, as you will learn, there is a key difference between correlation and causation so settle in and prepare to have some fun with regression!

  12. Measurement System Analysis

    8 videos

    Can you trust the data you're analyzing? If you're not sure... you definitely need to perform a measurement system analysis. Now, to be sure, we'll typically perform a MSA early in our project but since there are so many advanced statistical concepts, like ANOVA, used in a MSA we had to make you wait a bit before sharing it with you. The good news is the wait is over!

  13. Design of Experiments

    16 videos

    Design of Experiments, or DOE, is one of the most powerful tools available to Lean & Six Sigma practitioners. Sadly, many people simply don't understand what an authentic DOE is or, in some cases, some practitioners mistakenly believe their one factor at a time experiment is in fact a DOE when, really, it isn't.

  14. Continuous Improvement & Control

    3 videos

    Once processes are improved it's critical we keep them from backsliding. As such, the ability to leverage tools like Control Plans, Poka Yoke, and SPC are must use tools.