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Audience Q&A - How Do You Guarantee That Leaders Do Not Squash Lower Level Involvement?

Author and consultant Karen Martin describes the importance of making all employees feel safe participating in the process.

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  1. Why We Wrote a Book on Value Stream Mapping06:57
  2. The Performance Impact of Value Stream Mapping09:46
  3. How Value Stream Mapping Builds Organizational Capability12:12
  4. Preparation for Successful Value Stream Mapping09:28
  5. Team Selection and Socializing the Value Stream Map04:50
  6. The Future State Map and Improvement Action Plan05:06
  7. Audience Q&A - How Can We Get Leadership Involved in VSM?00:57
  8. Audience Q&A - What Financial Savings Can Be Achieved from Value Strean Improvements?01:34
  9. Audience Q&A - Does Toyota use VSM?00:42
  10. Audience Q&A - How Do You Calculate Lead Time for an Office Process?01:04
  11. Audience Q&A - How Do You Accurately Capture Information for a Process that has a Lot of Variation?01:12
  12. Audience Q&A - Does Your Book Cover the Creation of Future State Maps?00:59
  13. Audience Q&A - How Do You Guarantee That Leaders Do Not Squash Lower Level Involvement?01:21
  14. Audience Q&A - Is There a Place for Process Mapping in Lieu of Value Stream Mapping?02:31
  15. Audience Q&A - Can You Define Value Streams as Non-Traditional Support Processes?01:34

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