Value Stream Mapping

Do you fully understand your entire production process from end to end?  The best way to get in deep to your business process's is with a tool known as value stream mapping, or VSM for short. In these courses you will see how to create your own value stream maps. Additionally you can also experience simulations used to prove the superiority of flow, over batch production for most processes.

  1. Transforming Your Value Streams

    18 videos

    In this course, you and your entire organization will learn how to transform your value streams using lean tools and principles such as value stream mapping, takt time, kanban, error proofing, and heijunka/production leveling. During this course, you will follow a fictitious birdhouse manufacturing company as they journey through the process of creating both current and future state value stream maps along with an action plan.

  2. Value Stream Transformation - Adapting Value Stream Mapping for Office and Service Environments

    6 videos

    Did you know that value stream mapping can be applied to office and service applications? In this course, Gemba Academy Co-founder and lean guru Drew Locher discuss the best ways to leverage the transformative powers of value stream mapping in these unique environments.

  3. Value Stream Mapping from Tool to Management Practice

    15 videos

    In this course you’ll learn about the components of value stream mapping and gain a deeper understanding of how it can be deployed to get everyone in your organization on the same page.

  4. Organizational Healing Through Value Stream Mapping

    5 videos

    The benefits of value stream mapping go far beyond understanding current and future states and improving processes. Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira sat down with Karen Martin at AME Jacksonville in 2014 to discuss how the right approach can bring your team together, relieve tension, and ultimately facilitate improvement on a profound interpersonal level.

  5. Improving Government Service Delivery with Value Stream Mapping

    1 videos

    Value stream mapping applies to much more than just manufacturing. As part of Gemba Academy’s visit to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, we asked two environmental analysts to share how value stream mapping has brought clarity to their daily operations.