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Day 4: Using JR: The Carol Story (Classroom)

In this module we see the JR process in action as we review the "Carol Story."


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  1. Day 1: Job Relations Overview05:35
  2. Day 1: Discuss the Supervisor's 5 Needs04:33
  3. Day 1: Describe Supervisor's Problems as Regards to Job Relations05:31
  4. Day 1: A Supervisor Meets Their Needs Through Relationships with People04:02
  5. Day 1: Present the Foundations03:10
  6. Day 1: Develop the Individual Chart02:23
  7. Day 1: Define a Problem01:25
  8. Day 1: Introduce the TWI Method06:03
  9. Day 1: Summarize the 4-Step Job Relations Method08:58
  10. Day 1: The Foundations For Good Relations05:03
  11. Day 1: How Problems Come Up03:00
  12. Day 1: Different Types of Problems Supervisors Face02:50
  13. Day 2: Review the 4-Step JR Method02:41
  14. Day 2: Using JR: The Tom Problem15:40
  15. Day 2: Opinions and Feelings are Hard to Get03:18
  16. Day 2: The Standard Procedure03:03
  17. Day 2: Using JR: The Tom Problem (Classroom)37:42
  18. Day 2: Using JR: Standardized Work Challenges (Classroom)31:26
  19. Day 2: Using JR: Military Case Study (Classroom)27:27
  20. Day 3: Review the 4-step JR Method03:03
  21. Day 3: Using JR: The Jackie Story (Classroom)31:14
  22. Day 3: Using JR: 5S Problems (Classroom)23:19
  23. Day 3: Using JR: Not Coming Back from Breaks On Time (Classroom)28:46
  24. Day 4: Using JR: Personal Use (Classroom)08:58
  25. Day 4: Taking Preventive Action and Checking Results31:26
  26. Day 4: Using JR: The Carol Story (Classroom)29:48
  27. Day 4: Using JR: Sleeping on the Job (Classroom)18:50
  28. Day 4: Using JR: Problems at the Boys & Girls Club (Classroom)34:59
  29. Day 5: Deep Review of the 4-step Method07:40
  30. Day 5: Advantages the JR Method Brings to Supervisors04:15
  31. Day 5: The Importance of Supervisors02:14
  32. Day 5: Using JR: Problems with Marching Band Moms (Classroom)31:13
  33. Day 5: Using JR: Challenges During the Hiring Process (Classroom)20:03