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How People Learn & Develop New Skills

Mark talks about how people learn before introducing a powerful video that can be found here:

The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Everyday 133

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  1. Toyota Kata Overview05:23
  2. The Marshmallow Challenge Icebreaker04:04
  3. Lean and Organizational Culture12:45
  4. Leaders Are Teachers07:01
  5. What Learning Looks Like12:24
  6. What Does a Continuous Improvement Culture Look Like?04:28
  7. The Improvement Kata: A Model for Scientific Thinking07:54
  8. How People Learn & Develop New Skills01:42
  9. The Backwards Bike: Learning to Unlearn07:56
  10. The Coaching Kata: A Routine for Learning to Coach the Improvement Kata07:09
  11. The "Five Questions" Card07:14
  12. The Toyota Kata Hypothesis08:30
  13. Practicing the Improvement Kata with Dominoes05:56
  14. Dominos, LLC - Rounds 1 & 206:47
  15. Dominos, LLC - Round 311:37
  16. Improvement Kata Step 1: Understand the Direction and Challenge08:51
  17. Improvement Kata Step 2: Grasp the Current Condition13:05
  18. The 5 Steps to Grasping the Current Condition14:41
  19. How to Create a Block Diagram03:42
  20. How to Create a Run Chart06:52
  21. How to Measure Process Times & Cycles05:27
  22. Additional Tips for Creating Run Charts05:33
  23. How to Determine Equipment Capacity & Number of People Required09:34
  24. Improvement Kata Step 3: Establish the Next Target Condition07:57
  25. Creating Your First Dominos Target Condition05:22
  26. Identifying Obstacles05:40
  27. Improvement Kata Step 4: Experiment Against Obstacles05:41
  28. How to Use the Experiment Record05:02
  29. Introducing the Coaching Cycle07:34
  30. Storyboards and the Coaching Cycle Part 101:42
  31. What Did We Learn?03:56
  32. Lean in 10 Words05:28
  33. Running Experiments07:32
  34. Reviewing the Kata Mechanism05:02
  35. Practicing the Coaching Cycle Part 213:09
  36. Going to Gemba Part 103:37
  37. Going to Gemba Part 206:07
  38. Going to Gemba Part 307:13
  39. Going to Gemba Part 401:24
  40. Going to Gemba Part 506:46
  41. Going to Gemba Part 604:50
  42. Toyota Kata Resources02:28

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