Toyota Kata

The Toyota Kata framework turns scientific thinking into a practical skill anyone, and any organization, can learn through the deliberate practice of a four step learning and discovery process.

  1. Toyota Kata Essentials

    6 videos

    Toyota Kata is a practice that enables organizations to improve processes and develop problem solvers. Learn about its origins, how kata helps people learn, the different roles within the practice of kata, and tips on getting started.

  2. Toyota Kata - Practice Makes Progress

    42 videos

    Do you know where and how to start making improvements to your organization?  Our Kata course will show you where and how to begin solving problems you may be facing.

  3. Kata in the Classroom

    2 videos

    Kata in the Classroom (KiC) makes scientific thinking a teachable skill anyone can learn. In these modules you'll see Mike Rother, the author of Toyota Kata, run this workshop with a live audience. You'll also have the ability to run the workshop on your own. All of the materials for this workshop are available, free of charge, at which is a website that was created and is maintained by Mike Rother.