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QC Tool 6: The Histogram

Learn what the histogram is and how it can help you better understand your front office or manufacturing related process.

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  1. 7QC Overview8:15
  2. QC Tool 1: The Graph4:52
  3. Bar Charts4:10
  4. Broken Line Graphs3:39
  5. Pie Charts4:19
  6. Band Graphs4:24
  7. Radar Charts3:40
  8. QC Tool 2: The Check Sheet4:44
  9. QC Tool 3: The Pareto Chart4:47
  10. Creating a Pareto Chart in Sigma XL02:38
  11. QC Tool 4: The Cause & Effect Diagram8:59
  12. Basic Statistics5:00
  13. Measures of Central Tendency5:14
  14. Measures of Dispersion6:00
  15. Generating Descriptive Statistics6:32
  16. QC Tool 5: The Scatter Diagram6:12
  17. Creating Scatter Diagrams and Regression Statistics1:46
  18. QC Tool 6: The Histogram5:25
  19. Calculating Cp and Cpk5:57
  20. Creating Histograms & Cp / Cpk Statistics8:50
  21. QC Tool 7: The Control Chart3:57
  22. Creating Control Charts in Sigma XL5:55
  23. MSA Overview6:31
  24. The Attribute Data MSA4:15
  25. Attribute Data MSA Analysis in SigmaXL8:35
  26. The Variable Data MSA3:27
  27. Variable Data MSA Analysis in SigmaXL10:43
  28. Seven QC Tools Action Guide2:53

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