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Kaizen Success Story

We take a break from our traditional teaching lessons in order to hear Federal Heath's kaizen success story. Even with reduced 2009 revenues, Federal Heath actually increased profits in the 20%-25% range. Hear their story in this video.

  • 0:44 - About Federal Heath
  • 1:39 - Their Kaizen journey
  • 5:12 - The 6th “S” they use
  • 5:59 - The keys to their success
  • 8:31 - Executive buy-in

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  1. Kaizen Overview9:54
  2. The Kaizen Event11:17
  3. Kaizen Success Story9:34
  4. Real Life Kaizen14:02
  5. System vs. Point Kaizen2:37
  6. Kaizen Event Roles4:09
  7. Preparing for the Kaizen Event7:38
  8. The Kaizen Event Week6:34
  9. Post Kaizen Event Activities3:25
  10. Simple Kaizen Part 19:30
  11. Simple Kaizen Part 29:24
  12. The Kaizen Coach5:17
  13. D.L. Martin Kaizen Event Summary14:43
  14. Kaizen Way Action Guide2:09

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