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Introduction to Standard Work

Learn what the four types of Standard Work are and how they apply to any organization no matter if you build cars on an assembly or do so-called creative work inside a cubicle.

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  1. Standardization4:51
  2. Prerequisites2:43
  3. Introduction to Standard Work6:37
  4. 3 Elements6:10
  5. Process Capacity Tool7:43
  6. Standard Work Combination Sheet6:50
  7. Standard Work Sheet5:57
  8. Standard Work Instruction Sheet3:10
  9. Standard WIP7:00
  10. Lead Time4:46
  11. Time Observation Sheet8:37
  12. How to Draw a Pig9:13
  13. Step by Step11:11
  14. Mixed Model Standard Work Introduction3:51
  15. Mixed Model - Balance Work Among Operators6:38
  16. Mixed Model - Balance Cycle & Takt Time7:31
  17. Mixed Model - The Yamazumi Chart4:09
  18. Mixed Model - Creating Combination Sheets3:59
  19. Transactional Standard Work4:19
  20. Jon Miller on Standard Work17:49