Seven Deadly Wastes

There are seven (and sometimes 8) types of identified wastes that are keeping your organization from reaching its full potential. This is not just a manufacturing problem, all industries can benefit identifying and eliminating wastes.

  1. Dealing With the Seven Deadly Wastes

    12 videos

    In this course, you’ll learn what the Seven Deadly Wastes are, what causes them, and what they can cost your organization. You’ll also learn how to combat each individual waste using tools like kanban and 5S.

  2. The Eight Types of Waste in Healthcare

    14 videos

    In the healthcare industry, errors and inefficient processes can literally mean the difference between life and death. In this course, consultant and author Mark Graban breaks down the eight wastes as they apply to healthcare, using powerful stories to illustrate their impact.

  3. The Seven Wastes, with Jeff Kaas

    9 videos

    Any one of the seven deadly wastes can kill your lean activities before they even get started. In this series, Jeff Kaas, the president of Kaas Tailored, presents the seven wastes to a tour group at his facility, who are there to witness and learn from Kaas Tailored's transformative lean initiatives.