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Step 4: Analyze Root Causes

Learn the difference between points of cause vs. root causes.

Also get an introduction in methods to analyze root causes including:

  • Go to Gemba
  • Pareto Charts
  • 5 Why Analysis
  • 4M+2
  • Fishbone Diagrams

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  1. PPS Overview10:47
  2. PDCA6:25
  3. Treetop, Inc.2:34
  4. Step 1: Clarify the Problem9:49
  5. Introduction to SigmaXL5:26
  6. Creating Pareto Charts with SigmaXL2:38
  7. Creating Run Charts with SigmaXL4:06
  8. Creating Control Charts with SigmaXL4:16
  9. Step 2: Break Down the Problem16:37
  10. Creating Dot Plots with SigmaXL1:50
  11. Step 3: Set a Target7:34
  12. Step 4: Analyze Root Causes5:26
  13. Fishbone Diagram Explained10:25
  14. Five Why Explained7:58
  15. Treetop Gets to the Root Causes6:56
  16. Creating Scatter Plots with Sigma XL4:16
  17. Step 5: Develop Countermeasures9:12
  18. Step 6: See Countermeasures Through6:06
  19. Step 7: Evaluate the Process and Results6:42
  20. Step 8: Standardize Success and Learn from Failures8:41
  21. PPS Action Guide3:40

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