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Processes Confirmation with a Kamishibai System

Mike Wroblewski explains one of the simplest yet most powerful auditing systems available today: the Kamishibai System.

  • 0:19 - The meaning of Kamishibai
  • 2:43 - Who Kamishibai is for
  • 4:05 - The two types of Kamishibai
  • 6:59 - Using the “cardboard engineering” approach
  • 11:32 - Knowing your processes
  • 12:20 - An example of a company that uses Kamishibai

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  1. Process Confirmation Overview07:19
  2. Getting Started with Process Confirmation10:29
  3. Processes Confirmation with a Kamishibai System14:36
  4. Process Confirmation At Molding Operation00:48
  5. Process Confirmation And Auditing Standards With The Kamishibai Board At NFI06:22
  6. The 5s Process Audit Checklist At City Of Grand Rapids02:41
  7. Process Confirmation Using The T-board System At Techno Aerospace05:23

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