Lean Daily Management

What are the activities needed on a daily basis to keep your lean journey alive?  The courses presented here will enable your organization's leaders to keep the pulse of your teams through coaching, look for improvement opportunities, communicate visually and perhaps most importantly, go to the gemba.

  1. Daily Management System

    3 videos

    Lean Daily Management is foundational to the long-term success of excellence at any organization. Lean Daily Management allows us to know on a daily basis whether we are on-track or off-track to meeting our goals, to take corrective action, and to check that past actions and improvements are being sustained. While it is very simple and common sense in practice, the design and introduction of a well-functioning system requires careful study and planning.

  2. Daily Accountability Process

    7 videos

    The Daily Accountability Process is a way of involving people at all levels of the organization in checking whether the organization is on-track for our goals, projects, and performance metrics. This is done through a series of brief team meetings designed to identify, escalate, and resolve issues. Daily Accountability meetings go by various names but share certain features in common. Learn how to design, operate and benefit from a Daily Accountability Process.

  3. Gemba Walk Essentials

    6 videos

    From factory floors, to offices and other kinds of facilities, gemba walks are designed to open your eyes to what’s really happening in your organization. In this course, Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira breaks down everything you need to know for the before, during, and after stages of a gemba walk.

  4. Process Confirmation

    7 videos

    Process Confirmation is a systematic way to check that standards and control points for critical processes are being followed. It is a simple, visual, and time-based activity. Process Confirmation involves going to where the work is actually being done and confirming that it’s being done according to the agreed standard. It’s not a detailed document audit, but a brief, structured and informal audit of our operational standards that often lead to productive discussions about sustaining or furthering improvements.

  5. Leader Standard Work Essentials

    4 videos

    Standard work for leaders is the set of actions that a leader must perform daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure that their organization or team functions successfully. This course will review the key elements of leader standard work, identify supporting activities and tools, and introduce the “day in the life of” or DILO analysis as a way to determine the essential actions to include in standard work.

  6. Visual Management

    7 videos

    We explore what visualization is, and why it's such an important aspect of lean management. Also, we will discover how to go about bringing the concept of visuality to the workplace.  Finally, we'll visit some real world companies to see how they're successfully leveraging these principles in their offices, and shop floors.

  7. Coaching for Daily Management

    7 videos

    As a coach, a leader observes the performance or behavior of a team member, engages in a dialogue designed to reflect on the results, agrees on next steps, experiments, and follows up. Coaching is an essential enabler of daily management that builds into both people development and performance improvement into a leader’s daily routine. The role of a leader as coach is to encourage thinking about how to work smarter, raise team performance through problem solving, enable individual growth to take on more responsibility, develop supporting relationships and improve morale and job satisfaction. Learn best practices and simple routines to build coaching into daily leadership routines.

  8. Obeya Essentials

    6 videos

    Since being identified through research in the 1990s as a key enabler of Toyota’s new product development approach, the obeya method has gained popularity as a visual management system. Today the obeya method is applied to improve communication and performance in large, complex efforts such as project management, launching new services and products, business operations management, and strategy deployment.

  9. Obeya Operations Center

    11 videos

    For first-time visitors to Toyota Motor Corporation’s offices, many are surprised to discover an operating environment without traditional cubicles and offices –the obeya. The obeya method is the most effective way to visually manage strategy, projects, and day-to-day operations. In this presentation, Sam MacPherson shares his experience on how obeya engages leadership teams through face-to-face communication, collaboration, organizational problem solving, and teamwork.

  10. Daily Management System Workshop

    10 videos

    Join presenter Joe Murli in learning more about Daily Management Systems.

  11. Daily Accountability Process Workshop

    39 videos

    Go further into the topic of lean daily accountability with these supplementary videos. See these processes in action, and hear from lean leaders on how their own implementations have been handled.

  12. Gemba Walk Workshop

    22 videos

    The best way to truly understand processes and identify potential areas of improvement is to observe the action up close. In this course, we join author, speaker, and consultant Michael Bremer for an onsite gemba walk workshop at Freetech Plastics in Fremont, California. Watch and listen as Michael explains the ideal questions, behaviors, and overall strategies that go into a respectful, effective gemba walk.

  13. Leader Standard Work Workshop

    13 videos

    Recorded at the Peterbilt manufacturing plant in Denton, Texas, author and lean sensei Mike Wroblewski explains what Leader Standard Work is, how to implement it successfully, and how to maintain it with the powerful Kamishibai auditing system.

  14. Day in the Life of a Lean Supervisor

    21 videos

    Go further into the topic of Leader Standard Work with Mike Wroblewski.