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Motivation for Continuous Improvement

By the end of this lesson, you will have a better understanding of what actually motivates people to want to practice kaizen, and perhaps more importantly, what does not.

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  1. Culture of Kaizen Overview8:47
  2. Respect for Humanity6:27
  3. Brain Chemistry and Its Impact on Human Performance14:02
  4. Reducing Social Threats to Enable Continuous Improvement9:40
  5. Habits and How They Shape Organizational Culture13:54
  6. Continuously Improving Habits7:13
  7. Characteristics of a Kaizen Leader5:36
  8. Motivation for Continuous Improvement11:39
  9. Modes of Persuasion7:28
  10. Leading Yourself5:50
  11. Additional Culture of Kaizen Learning Resources4:05