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What Is Swim Lane Mapping?

Making improvements in complex, cross-functional business processes can be challenging. The first step is to make the actual condition visible and understood by everyone. Learn how Swim Lane Mapping allows us to understand complex processes better and identify opportunities to improve and involve people in redesigning a better process.

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  1. Getting Started With Business Process Mapping09:33
  2. What Is A SIPOC Diagram05:27
  3. How to Create a SIPOC Diagram05:26
  4. How to Create a Turtle Diagram05:39
  5. What Is A Business Model Canvas?06:41
  6. How to Create a Business Model Canvas07:41
  7. What Is an Empathy Map?02:30
  8. How to Create Empathy Maps08:06
  9. What Is a Flowchart?05:03
  10. How to Create a Flowchart05:43
  11. How to Make Process Maps with Sticky Notes09:03
  12. How to Create Process Charts05:50
  13. What Is Swim Lane Mapping?03:39
  14. How to Create a Swim Lane Map11:15
  15. What Is a Makigami Analysis?05:02
  16. How to Do a Makigami Analysis09:45
  17. What Is Transactional Value Stream Mapping?09:24
  18. Current State Value Stream Mapping of Treetop Purchasing09:05
  19. Future State Value Stream Mapping of Treetop Purchasing06:20
  20. Creating a Current State Transactional Value Stream Map10:09
  21. Creating a Future State Transactional Value Stream Map08:45

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