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What Is A SIPOC Diagram

The SIPOC diagram is a process mapping tool that summarizes the inputs and outputs of a series of processes. The acronym SIPOC stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers. Learn how SIPOC diagrams quickly gain a high-level view of an overall process and scope improvement activity.

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  1. Getting Started With Business Process Mapping09:33
  2. What Is A SIPOC Diagram05:27
  3. How to Create a SIPOC Diagram05:26
  4. How to Create a Turtle Diagram05:39
  5. What Is A Business Model Canvas?06:41
  6. How to Create a Business Model Canvas07:41
  7. What Is an Empathy Map?02:30
  8. How to Create Empathy Maps08:06
  9. What Is a Flowchart?05:03
  10. How to Create a Flowchart05:43
  11. How to Make Process Maps with Sticky Notes09:03
  12. How to Create Process Charts05:50
  13. What Is Swim Lane Mapping?03:39
  14. How to Create a Swim Lane Map11:15
  15. What Is a Makigami Analysis?05:02
  16. How to Do a Makigami Analysis09:45
  17. What Is Transactional Value Stream Mapping?09:24
  18. Current State Value Stream Mapping of Treetop Purchasing09:05
  19. Future State Value Stream Mapping of Treetop Purchasing06:20
  20. Creating a Current State Transactional Value Stream Map10:09
  21. Creating a Future State Transactional Value Stream Map08:45

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