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5S Auditing at Techno Aerospace

Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira learns about the 5S champion program at Techno Aerospace. For more context, check out the Techno Aerospace Gemba Academy Live! episode.

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  1. Introduction to 5S in the Factory and the Warehouse00:42
  2. 5S and Workplace Organization at FastCap03:50
  3. 5S and Workplace Organization at Vermeer09:30
  4. Red Tagging in the Stockroom at the City of Grand Rapids03:23
  5. A Place for Everything at In The Ditch01:55
  6. Lean Warehouse Tour at the City of Grand Rapids17:00
  7. Using a 5S Audit Checklist at the City of Grand Rapids02:46
  8. A Point of Use Shadow Board at Specialty Silicone Fabricators01:01
  9. A Rolling Tool Cart at Specialty Silicone Fabricators01:33
  10. 5S Auditing at Techno Aerospace03:29
  11. 5S with a Shop Floor Team at Techno Aerospace08:18
  12. 5S in the Stockroom Receiving Dock at the City of Grand Rapids03:34
  13. A Place for Everything at Daman Products12:02
  14. Introducing Lean to Employees Through a 5S Kaizen Event at the City of Grand Rapids10:29
  15. Setting Up a New Work Cell at In The Ditch06:23
  16. Empowering People to Create Paradise at In The Ditch11:10
  17. How In The Ditch Applies Lean to Shipping and Receiving09:01
  18. Point of Use Storage at a Dolly Assembly Cell at In The Ditch01:58
  19. Using Imagination to Improve at Fireblast Global03:12