5S is the first place many lean journeys start due to its quick and sustained impact on an organization. Our 5S courses will have you implementing a 5S program in no time.

  1. 5S Workplace Productivity

    20 videos

    In the 5S Workplace Productivity course you’ll learn exactly what 5S is, where it originated, and why it’s about much more than cleaning. Most importantly, you’ll also learn how to create or enhance your own 5S program.

  2. 5S in the Factory and the Warehouse

    19 videos

    We've been fortunate to visit some truly outstanding lean businesses over the years. In this course, you'll see firsthand how 5S and workplace organization can transform your facility, boosting productivity and making work easier and more pleasant for everyone involved.

  3. 5S in the Office

    11 videos

    Lean principles like 5S have countless applications in an office environment. In this course you’ll see how FedEx Office uses 5S to transform their office space, making day-to-day work easier for all involved.