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Mike Wroblewski - Visual Management: What Good Looks Like

Mike Wroblewski of the Kaizen Institute provides an overview on how visual management can be used to consistently support and sustain high levels of operational excellence.

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  1. Why isn't Lean Working? - with Jamie Parker53:43
  2. Mike Wroblewski - Visual Management: What Good Looks Like1:02:27
  3. Mark Graban - Putting the Continuous Back Into Continuous Improvement1:04:55
  4. Mark Graban - Using SPC to Make Better Management Decisions59:06
  5. Mike Wroblewski - A Day in the Life of a Lean Supervisor57:52
  6. Dan Markovitz - A Factory of One58:14
  7. Bob Emiliani - A Leader's Role in Lean Success1:06:03
  8. Mark Hamel - Kaizen: From System to Principle Driven58:25
  9. Bob Emiliani - Lean for Higher Education1:11:14
  10. Mike Micklewright - The Relationship Between Dr. Deming's and Toyota Way's Principles1:01:00
  11. Mark Graban & Gregory Jacobson - A Doctor's Perspective on Kaizen in Healthcare1:13:58
  12. Matthew May - The Laws of Subtraction1:02:32
  13. Mark Graban - Stories of the Eight Types of Waste in Healthcare1:02:33
  14. Mark Graban and Gregory Jacobson - Leadership Behaviors1:03:26
  15. Steve Kane - Accountability Through Visual Management1:04:52
  16. Michael Lombard - 10 Lessons from Practicing Toyota Kata56:00
  17. Karen Martin - Value Stream Mapping: From Tool to Management Practice1:03:48
  18. Matthew May - The Lean Learning Loop Canvas1:03:48
  19. Mark Graban and Gregory Jacobson - Congratulations! You Have Lots of Employee Ideas! Now What?1:08:54
  20. Matthew May - The Play-To-Win Strategy Formulation Canvas1:02:25
  21. Steven Kane - Employee Engagement Through Autonomous Teams58:29
  22. Robert Hafey - Lean Safety: The Safe Path to Lean53:20
  23. Richard Sheridan - Build a Workplace People Love by Adding Joy56:44