Interviews & Webinars

Sit down with us for interviews and webinars with the best thought leaders in Lean and Six Sigma.

  1. Lean Leader Interviews

    6 videos

    During the Lean Leader series of interviews you will hear from executives and managers explain how their companies took the leap, and succeeded, with lean thinking.

  2. Lean Thinker Interviews

    19 videos

    Listen to lean experts, including former Toyota Motor Corporation associates, explain what lean means to them. They will also offer advice and tips on how to make lean work for you, no matter what industry you work in. Several of these modules are recorded webinars.

  3. Webinars

    23 videos

    Webinars presented by lean thinkers.

  4. Author Interviews

    5 videos

    Interviews with authors of notable books on lean, six sigma, continuous improvement, and leadership.