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Extending Lean into HR and IT

Lean is applicable to many different disciplines and industries, including human resources and information technology. Executive Chair of Lean Enterprise Institutes Jean Cunningham explains this relevance to Gemba Academy Co-Founder Kevin Meyer.

  • 0:04 - What Jean is working on now
  • 1:19 - The relevance of lean to HR and IT
  • 2:23 - Contacting Jean

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  1. Lean Accounting Introduction7:30
  2. The Effect of Lean Accounting on Owners, Auditors, and Executives7:52
  3. The Difference Between Traditional and Lean Accounting5:20
  4. When and How to Implement Lean Accounting4:37
  5. How to Overcome Resistance to Lean Accounting7:12
  6. Extending Lean into HR and IT3:53
  7. Supplemental: Lean Education Advancement Foundation2:23