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Is the Kaizen Mentor the Same as the Manager?

Jeff Kaas, President of Kaas Tailored, explains who plays the role of mentor during the kaizens they do at the company.


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  1. How Many Kaizens Do People Do Per Year at Kaas Tailored?01:16
  2. How Do People Buy-In to the Process as They Rotate Through Jobs?01:46
  3. Is the Kaizen Mentor the Same as the Manager?00:53
  4. How Did You Start Doing Daily Team Training Sessions?02:16
  5. How Do You Take Your Kaizen and Turn It Into Team Training?01:11
  6. How Did You Deal with People Who Resisted?02:14
  7. Do You Find the Tours You Offer Distracting?01:53
  8. What Suggestions Do You Have for Getting Started with Team Training?00:22
  9. How Do You Manage Skepticism?02:17
  10. How Do You Prevent Spin When Kaizens Require Cooperation Across the Organization?01:27
  11. Did You Invent the Task Kanban Board?01:26
  12. What Suggestions Do You Have to Keep People Improving?00:59
  13. How Do You Manage Interruptions During the Day?01:16
  14. Where Do the Creative Design People Work?01:10
  15. How Do You Get Everyone to Participate?00:48
  16. How Do You Handle Disagreements Between Co-Workers Over Kaizen Ideas?01:34
  17. How Do You Help ESL or Foreign Language Employees Understand Kaizen?01:23
  18. How Difficult Was It to Implement a Kaizen System?01:00
  19. How Are Kaizen Ideas Submitted and Approved?00:29
  20. Is It Easier to Practice Kaizen as a Small Company?01:23
  21. What Factors Determine Standard Work?00:35
  22. How Often Do You Do Tours at Kaas Tailored?00:17
  23. Have You Experienced Employee Turnover Due to New Ways of Thinking?00:38
  24. How Do You Manage Customers Who Don't Share Your Philosophy?03:06
  25. Question and Answer with Jeff Kaas (Full Version)30:47