Extended Interviews

More from the best minds and thought leaders in Lean and Six Sigma.

  1. Audience Q&A with Jeff Kaas

    25 videos

    A tour group at Kaas Tailored get the chance to ask Jeff Kaas, Fresident of Kaas Tailored, all of their pressing questions about lean implementation, challenges and victories.

  2. Reflections on 25 Years of Lean

    11 videos

    In collaboration with the Lean Enterprise Institute, Gemba Academy brings you an extended 70 minutes of discussions with the three original thought leaders that coined the term "lean" twenty-five years ago. Jim Womack, Dan Jones, and John Shook discuss a range of topics from lean government to the term "lean" itself. This video series is also available for free for non-subscribers.

  3. Masaaki Imai Remembers Lean Legends from Toyota

    5 videos

    Ron Pereira sits down for more than 40 minutes and talks with Mr. Masaaki Imai who is known the world over as the original “Lean Guru” and the father of Continuous Improvement. Mr. Imai has been a pioneer and leader in spreading the kaizen philosophy all over the world. His firsthand account of the history of lean based on his close associations and travels with such legendary giants as Shoichiro Toyoda and Taichi Ohno and reveals the secrets behind the success of such Japanese companies.

  4. Jean Cunningham on Lean Accounting

    7 videos

    Gemba Academy co-founder Kevin Meyer discusses lean accounting with Jean Cunningham. Jean is one of the original thought leaders on the subject.

  5. Learning Library Tips & Tricks

    5 videos

    Tips and tricks to use our Learning Library.