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The Impact of Agile Quantified - Larry Maccherone

This session is a presentation of general findings in our research correlating agile practices to performance along the dimensions of Productivity, Predictability, Quality, and Time-to-market. We will also introduce you to the first-ever quantified decision framework for targeting improvement and making agile practice decisions. This fully-predictive model of performance that can be used to do ?what-if? analyses to target improvement efforts, giving specific recommendations along with the likely results of the recommended changes.

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  1. The Impact of Agile Quantified - Larry Maccherone40:25
  2. New Methods for Minimizing Risk During Product Development - Chris Shinkle36:21
  3. Risk Reduction Metrics for Agile Organizations - Dan Greening45:44
  4. 21st Century Risk Management - Dennis Stevens38:56
  5. Understanding Risk, Impediments and Dependency Impact - Troy Magennis44:48
  6. Decisions, Commitments and Real Options - Jabe Bloom1:24:40