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Values, Agendas, and Change: Kanban's Bigger Picture - Mike Burrows

From its early origins, the Kanban Method was applied to organizational problems of significant scale and impact, where much was at stake. Despite this, many Kanban adoptions seem by comparison rather limited in their ambition. Using a modern interpretation of the method based on the language of values and agendas, this talk will explain how "the humane, start with what you do now approach to change" seeks to tackle not just team-level concerns but bigger organizational challenges.

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  1. Values, Agendas, and Change: Kanban's Bigger Picture - Mike Burrows38:31
  2. Indefinite Unsustainable Pace - Eric Green36:25
  3. The Inner Game of Kanban - Russell Healy39:31
  4. Moving Thousands of People to Kanban in 16 Months - Koren, Yaholom, Yeret40:16
  5. Leadership as a Design Problem - Frode Odegard38:45
  6. Improving Lean Kanban in Large Distributed Teams - Luke Hohmann1:14:49