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Kevin Hancock, Hancock Lumber, Keynote

Kevin Hancock is the CEO of one of the oldest family businesses in America. Established in 1848 and led by over 500 employees. Hancock Lumber owns timberlands and operates sawmills, retail stores, and a truss plant in Maine.

Kevin offers a fresh perspective and thought-provoking twist on traditional Lean in the business world: The Higher Calling of Lean. He will discuss his leadership journey and insights on efficiency gains as means not for more hours to get more work done but in putting work back in its place.

Efficiency gains are necessary, but not to fill the hours with more work—the real goal is to engage all employees and create capacity to have a better work-life balance. Since the implementation of this new leadership path, Hancock Lumber has put up record-breaking numbers in all areas of their business, all while reducing the average work week and increasing individuals’ pay through performance plans that measure and value accuracy and efficiency over hours clocked.

Everyone will find a way to benefit from this thinking of work as important, but not all consuming, which is applicable to all industries, organizations, and humans.

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