Watch the best minds in Lean and Six Sigma present on a variety of topics.  Filmed on location at conferences and events around the World.  

  1. The Winning Link, with Billy Taylor

    2 videos

    In this presentation you will learn how to manage organizational intersections by linking together the functions, tiers, and workstreams to deliver enterprise excellence.

  2. KataCon5

    34 videos

    Presentations from the 2019 KataCon5 event. KataCon is the annual gathering place for Toyota Kata Geeks across North America and around the globe. It’s where the “convinced” and the “curious” gather to share what they’re learning, freely and enthusiastically.

  3. 2018 Lean Systems Summit

    2 videos

    The Continuous Improvement Lean Collaborative (CILC) is a not-for-profit, multi- state network of public and private individuals, organizations, and companies who together promote continuous improvement in business, government, and services. Its goal is to provide opportunities for business, government, and service leaders to share enhanced approaches and methods for attaining greater excellence in operational effectiveness, efficiency, and value to customers, employees, and stakeholders. It pursues this goal through providing a forum for practitioner and organizational learning -- with active collaboration and sharing of knowledge, experience, and re- sources across all sectors.

  4. TWI Summit - 2017

    8 videos

  5. Iowa Lean Conference 2015

    2 videos

    The two keynote presentations from the Iowa Lean Consortium conference in 2015.  Features Paul Akers, and Karl Wadensten.

  6. Lean Leadership Week 2015

    15 videos

    Lean Leadership Week, orchestrated by Lean Frontiers, was three conferences in one: the Summit on Lean Leadership, Lean Management Summit, and the Lean Accounting Summit. In collaboration with Lean Frontiers, Gemba Academy brings you the presentations.

  7. Steve Kane - Becoming a Lean Leader and Implementing a Customer-Focused Culture

    8 videos

    Kenco provides integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management, material handling services, real estate management, and information technology—all engineered for Operational Excellence. They asked Steve Kane, Gemba Academy’s Director of Sales and Marketing, to come to Chattanooga, Tennessee to give the keynote opening presentation to all of the managers of their 5 companies.

  8. Creating a Kaizen Culture with Mike Wroblewski

    8 videos

    Mike Wroblewski tells the story of his own Lean Journey and how he came to understand the problem of organizational culture. He frames the discussion in the ABCs of culture - artifacts, behaviors, and core beliefs. Learn how successful organizations use Lean tools to build sustainable, high-performance culture by emphasizing leadership and engaging people at all levels.

  9. Using Lean to Create a Better View at Pella Corporation, with Denny Van Zanten

    8 videos

    Follow the Lean transformation at Pella Windows through 20 years of continuous improvement. Learn how their Lean efforts survived through 4 changes of CEO. Denny describes the 4 things each Pella CEO required from their CI program. The key to this was challenging the group to leverage CI for more than just tactical cost savings and to use it as a driver for growth.

  10. Siouxland Lean Conference - 2014

    3 videos

    Presentations from the 2014 Siouxland Lean Conference.

  11. Siouxland Lean Conference - 2015

    4 videos

    Presentations from the 2015 Siouxland Lean Conference.

  12. Lean Kanban NA - Lean Startup

    6 videos

    Presentations from the Lean Startup track at the Lean Kanban North American conference. The unique value proposition of Lean Startup to the wider lean community is the laser focus on validating product market fit for new products, companies, or opportunities. Companies seeking to foster innovation culture on their product teams, both startups and large established businesses, are increasingly adopting lean startup approaches as a key component of their strategy for initiating that innovation culture, sustaining it over the long term, and scaling it as they grow their businesses.

  13. Lean Kanban NA - Lean Applied

    6 videos

    Lessons learned from Lean in other domains. Lean and system thinking is transforming both construction and education. Construction projects range from simple, slow and certain to complex, uncertain and quick. Defining and delivering value begins inside the owner’s organization as they sort through the competing demands of customers and internal stakeholders. Likewise, applying system thinking in education beginning with projects – learner co-designed course work, competency based assessment, community integration, and art and design, transform the experience, the educational process and student outcomes.

  14. Lean Kanban NA - Evolving Product Management

    6 videos

    What is the role of product management in the new world of product development? Is it primarily a technical function? Or is it more about business? Today’s methods favor light processes, face-to-face interaction, and brief artifacts. However, executive management seems to miss the rich detail from the “old school” documents: GANTT charts, market requirements documents, and business plans. The product management track will explore roles and responsibilities, the importance of systems thinking, project prioritization, and the business process of software delivery.

  15. Lean Kanban NA - Kanban

    6 videos

    The first principle of the Kanban Method is “Start with what you do now”. Take the current work and workers and the current process and apply kanban to improve visibility, collaboration, risk management, and predictability. What does the humane, start with what you do now Kanban Method have to say about change? A lot! We’ve organized the Kanban track in a progression inspired by Kanban’s three “agendas for change”. The sustainability agenda: balancing demand and capability at individual, team and department level, collaborative improvement. The service orientation agenda: anticipating customer needs, achieving end-to-end flow, process innovation. The survivability agenda: the pursuit of fitness for purpose, corporate adaptability, disciplined leadership.

  16. Lean Kanban NA - Managing Risk

    6 videos

    The Risk track at LKNA 2014 will discuss how an analytical approach to risk identification and management is an important part of managing Agile modern processes such as Kanban and Lean. A focus of this year’s risk track is practical approaches to understanding how our process decisions increase the likelihood of on-time delivery of software, and how we would measure that impact. We go beyond impact versus likelihood matrix charts and discuss how to understand how leading companies are managing risk in concert with their Agile transformations and process.

  17. Lean Kanban NA - Beyond Budgeting

    6 videos

    Becoming a lean enterprise requires the entire management system to be aligned with lean principles. Lean requires alignment with customers and takes direction from the customer pull concept. Yet many organizations continue old practices such as financial budgeting which are based on financial “push” concepts. Simply stated, these old management practices defeat the ability to become truly lean.

  18. Printers & Imaging Association

    9 videos

    Ron presents at the Printers and Imaging Association Mid-America meeting in Dallas. Ron drew on Gemba Academy's library and created a presentation on Practical Problem Solving and Quick Changeover with some fun, interactive simulations to bring real world problem-solving into the classroom.