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Mina Hsu, Director of Sales and Dan Crownover, Administrative Manager, walk Ron through the process of how Texas Nameplate worked as a team to go paperless throughout the facility, even developing their own ERP.

  • 0:19 - Introduction to Mina Hsu
  • 01:00 - The journey from papers to paperless
  • 02:17 - How many trees per year were being killed by their previous process?
  • 03:00 - Other costs savings realized by going paperless
  • 03:40 - Productivity gains
  • 05:24 - The transition process and developing their own ERP
  • 09:04 - Advice for getting started on a paperless transition
  • 11:45 - Elimination of papercuts!
  • 13:20 - Running parallel facilities on the power of paperless

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  1. Ron Introduces Us To Texas Nameplate Company01:22
  2. People, Planet and Profit - Triple Bottom Line11:44
  3. Meet Dan Crownover - A Millennial's Perspective10:04
  4. The Texas Nameplate Process05:14
  5. Using the iScrubber to Strip Nameplates06:47
  6. Water Recycling System11:36
  7. Rejuvenation of Acid08:35
  8. Reclaiming Solvent05:33
  9. Paperless14:09
  10. The Real Reason Behind Sustainability08:42